The NIGF holds at least three events per year in a Northern location.

Events usually last half a day, include food and drinks, and are themed around a specific topic.

Upcoming events

Here’s a list of our planned events. Seats are limited so if you would like to attend, sign up now by clicking on the Eventbrite link in the event description.

Our Inaugural Event

Our Inaugural Event

Thursday the 3rd October 2019

The Northern Information Governance Forum (NIGF) welcomes Information Governance and IT professionals to our launch event.

The launch event will host speakers from leading organisations including;

Speaker 1 - The Challenges of Implementing Data Protection in a Diverse Organisation - Alex Hodge, Grosvenor Estate

Alex Hodge has been Information Governance Manager of the Grosvenor Estate for nearly 5 years and is based near Chester. His role covers both information governance and business continuity. He previously had similar roles in local government.

Speaker 2 - Resilience in Response to Data Protection - Paul Barratt, Darlington Building Society

Paul works with the GDPR, Data Protections Act, PCI DSS and FCA requirements in the highly regulated financial sector, ensuring operational resilience is maintained under all circumstances in a multi-faceted and distributed business. Paul’s presentation will look at the challenges of maintaining resilience in this environment.

Speaker 3 - GDPR Certification Scheme and Brexit Update - Helen McElroy, Evolve North

Helen McElroy is a Senior Information Governance Specialist with Evolve North. She has over 20 years of experience of implementing data protection, broader information governance, and informatics programmes of work in the private and public sector at a local, regional, and national level.

There will be a series of breakout sessions and workshops and a free lunch will be provided.

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Event Placeholder

Event Placeholder

Thursday the 30th January 2020

Our second event will be on the 30th January 2020. More information will be posted here.

Past events

Below is our list of past events